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Back to School Savings

10 percent off Houston karate class

Impress your teachers with some karate discipline! And if you are a graduate, then impress your boss!

Sensei Alex is offering a 10% back to school discount for new kid and adult karate students!

To register for karate classes call 713-271-0045 or click here.

Check out our karate classes held through the year.


In Japanese ‘karate’ means ‘empty hand’ in reference to the empty-handed nature of karate, but also that the student’s heart empty is > of negative emotions. ‘Shotokan’ means ‘house of Shoto’ in Japanese. ‘Shoto’ was the pen-name of the founder of modern karate, Gichin > Funikoshi, who introduced the art to Japan in the 1930’s. More about Shotokan here.

ATTENTION PARENTS: We also have after school care. Spaces limited. Learn more today

Olympic Karate and Sport offers an amazing after school program for ages 5 to 12 in southwest Houston near Meyerland, Bellaire, Westbury and Maplewood. We provide snacks, supervised homework time, karate, sports and games.

Need transportation? We will pick your child up from the following schools:

  • Kolter Elementary
  • Parker Elementary
  • Lovett Elementary
  • Elrod Elementary
  • Herod Elementary
  • The Shlenker School